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VALVE STEM GAUGE FOR STRAIGHT 8’s W/HYDRAULIC LIFTERS - Sets the valve stem length. This is essential for proper lifter operation. STATE IF 356,327 or 359 ENGINE. $12.00

6TH THRU 9TH SERIES EIGHTS - NORTHEAST POINTS CONVERSION -Replaces the dual points with a single set of modern points. Includes breaker plate, points, condenser, hardware, instructions $110.00

1933/34 NORTHEAST POINTS CONVERSION – Replaces the dual points with adaptors to use modern off the shelf points – includes points $130.00

PACKARD V-12, 32 -39 Adapter – Replaces the stationary contact set (IG 1839A) and uses the same point set as the moveable side, which is an off the shelf item. (NAPA CS709). $55.00. Also fits LINCOLN V-12, 32 -39
NEW PRODUCT!! Packard transmission bearings photo
SENIOR TRANSMISSION BEARING SET – 32-39 Super Eight and 12’vs– This is a complete set of all ball and roller bearings – all new. $695.00

IGNITION ENERGY BOOSTER - This solid-state unit eliminates the condenser. Installed in the primary circuit between the coil and distributor. The points are only used to energize the booster, which then energizes the coil. Current requirements are less than 20 milliamps, so points will last forever. For all cars – 6 or 12 volt, STATE WHETHER POSITIVE OR NEGATIVE GROUND, 6 OR 12 VOLT. $100.00

PACKARDTIPS - Nine years, Over 100 tips, of articles covering maintenance and repair of cars built between 1936-56. Fully indexed. 3 ring binder format with pages enclosed in plastic sleeves for protection. $30.00 ALSO available in PDF format. You should have a printer that can print double sided as there are 110 pages. $20.00 Advise email address when ordering.

PACKARDTIPS UPDATES – Updates previous issues. Enquire stating number of last Packardtips you have. Cost is $7.00 per year you need. Also available in PDF as Packardtips above. $4.00 per year you need.

55/56 PACKARDS/CLIPPERS WITH TORSION BAR SUSPENSION –BRAKELITE SWITCH CONVERSION KIT Conversion kit, replaces your three-pronged brakelight switch with a readily obtainable two-pronged switch. Easy installation. Kit includes switch, adapter, and hookup instructions. $45.00

55/56 PACKARDS/CLIPPERS W/TORSION BAR SUSP CONTROL UNIT - We convert your control unit to modern solid-state, which will give you years of trouble free service. Please leave the 3 machine screws in on the /55 units. Your rebuilt unit will have them. Exchange only. $140.00

ELECTRONIC RADIO VIBRATOR CONVERSION - We convert these to a heavy-duty electronic unit. Exchange only. Our unit works on 6 or 12 volt Pos. or Neg. Ground. $60.00

ELECTRONIC CONVERSION OZ4 (RECTIFIER) TUBE - This tube is used in most radios and is getting harder to find. We convert them to solid-state units. Exchange Only. $16.00

6 VOLT – 12 VOLT CONVERTER – Converts 6V Pos. or Neg. ground to 12V Negative. Produces 3 amps continuous – 4 amps intermittent. Runs 12V fridge, vac. cleaner, tape deck, DVD player, GPS, etc. $120.00

HOTSHOT COIL – High performance replacement coil for 6 or 12 volt (external resisted such as 55-58 Packards) systems. Produces up to 40,000 volts depending on sparkplug gap. $45.00
(Nov. /14)